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Drivers dry bulk, chemical and dumper


We are presently looking for drivers US and NON US for our 3 divisions.


  • Competitive milage rates;
  • Personalized schedules, full and part time;
  • US rate up to $0.67/mile, by tanker 2 or 3 axles + bonus for NJ/NH/MA/VT movements;
  • Complete collective insurance including dental program;
  • Collective RRSP;
  • Training paid and provided by company;
  • Recent trucks;
  • Uniforms provided;
  • ELD system in most trucks.


  • Excellent driving and criminal records;
  • Ability to follow company procédures and policies;
  • Ability to operate a truck safely, efficiently and courteously;
  • Ability to work quickly and efficiently.

Updated : August 30, 2018


1. French speaking :

 Yes No

2. Does your driver's license has been revoked or suspended? :

 Yes No

3. Number of years of experience in Class 1?

4. Do you have a diploma in trucking?

 Yes No

5. Have you had tickets in the past 3 years?

 Yes No

If yes, how many demerit points do you have on your record?

6.Have you ever had related work accidents in the past 5 years?

The information will be verified as permitted by law on health and safety at work.

 Yes No

7. Are you interested in transportation in the United States?

 Yes No

If so, do you have your FAST card?

 Yes No

8. How did you hear about Kingsway vrac?

 News paper/Magazine Our web site Billboard A Kingsway bulk employee


9. Have you been referred by an employee of Kingsway bulk?

 Yes No

Please be advised that this information is in your file and strictly confidential. Only the human resources department have access to this file when required. The record is kept in our offices.


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