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Our locations

Our offices and several strategic alliances allow us to offer complete coverage of North America. We mainly serve eastern Canada and the United States and we are specialized for transport to northern Quebec.

Head Office

140 des Grands-Lacs St.
St-Augustin-de-Desmaures  QC  G3A 2K1

Tel.: (418) 870-5454
Toll free: 800 263-3642
Fax: (418) 870-3636


7887 Grenache St., Suite 102A
Anjou  QC  H1J 1C4

Toll free: 800 263-3642


880 du Royaume Blvd. West
Chicoutimi  QC  G7H 5B1

Tel.: (418) 693-8884
Toll free: 800 476-2592
Fax: (418) 693-0444


5425 Dixie Road
Mississauga  ON L4W 1E6

Tel.: (905) 624-4050


If you have any question or comment, contact us at info@kingswayvrac.com or :

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